Visual & Multiple Impairments

I have a particular passion for supporting learners with visual and multiple impairments by infusing Expanded Core Curriculum skills within instructional routines. 

The Sensorimotor Spotlight is a monthly newsletter highlighting how my team utilizes the with research and knowledge from our collaboration with VI consultant, Millie Smith.  

The E.C.C Workbook for Visual & Multiple Impairments helps guide the process for infusing the E.C.C. within instructional routines. 

I love using a book with objects as a way to work on E.C.C. skills including Sensory Efficiency, concept development (Compensatory), Communication (Social Skills), & Recreation and Leisure. As part of the E.C.C. Club, each month, receive a book with corresponding objects as well as a guide for the learning partner with extension activities, data sheets, and tips.

I hope you will collaborate with us as we continue to explore he E.C.C. for our learners with visual and multiple impairments.