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Back to School Inspiration

Back to school is always exciting because there's such a sense of possibility, new beginnings, and fresh starts. This week was my first week back on contract, so I was having all of the feelings... trying to take in all of the updates and knowledge shared in our teacher inservice trainings while simultaneously making loooong to-do lists for what needed to be done for my learners.

Top of the list is meeting with teachers who will have my learners in their class. Ideally, I would love for my learners to meet and share in their own words what helps them to be successful. I think it's incredibly impactful when they can show their tools and let their teacher ask specific questions.

I also really love to have a few minutes with teachers as well. Usually my main message is this: Please hold my learner to the same expectations and standards as you do for every other learner in your class.

The best thing you can do for my learner this year is to hold them to the same expectations and standards as every other learner in the class.

Of course our accommodations and/or modifications are critical, but if corners are cut or exceptions are made, our learners (and us!) may have a false sense of a learner's independence. If my learner is struggling to meet the expectations, this gives us a chance to determine what is needed to get them there.

I hope your year is full of high expectations and high standards so each of our learners can achieve their full potential!

Happy ECC-ing,


P.S. Sharing my digital data sheets and what ECC Checklists I'm using this year on my subscriber email. Please sign up if you are interested!

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