January ECC Snapshot - Career Education

E.C.C. of the Month: January 2021

Happy New Year! Thank you for following our journey for exploring an E.C.C. area in depth each month. Whether you are a teacher looking for a consistent, efficient way to address all 9 areas of the Expanded Core Curriculum with your learners, or a family member looking for information about how to support your child in learning these critical skills, I am so glad you are here!

Career Education is important to start talking about with your learners at a very young age - people with visual impairments are one of the least-employed disability groups, and we hope to change that. We want to give our learners the confidence, skills, and knowledge they need to find and keep a job. I believe this happens with incremental, purposeful steps throughout a child's life.

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What are Career Education Skills?

Career Education focuses on the development of knowledge, utilization of innate talents, and promotion of skills, including the work habits or behaviors needed for success in employment and other life roles.

Career Education Check-In

I always tell my learners what E.C.C. area we will be talking about that month. I use the E.C.C. Workbook as a conversation point with the learners and families to get their input on skills in this area. We look at skills like responsibility, time management, chores, communication skills, and career understanding. I also use this month as a good touch-base point to remind parents to reach out to our state agencies or follow up if they have received a phone call. We want to make sure we have these resources in place when we are ready for the workforce.

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Career Education Lessons & Fun

I love planning lessons, short or long, to touch on the needed skills in the ECC area of the month. Here's what's cooking for January:

When I Grow Up, Writing and Sharing: For my younger learners, I will have them each follow the writing prompt to discuss what they want to be when they grow up. We will take turns sharing with the group on Zoom, in which we will practice good communication skills for speaking in a group.

Mock Interviews: I have two learners that I think will really enjoy a mock interview. I plan to give them each a script for interviewing the other. We will talk about the steps in the process, what to wear, how to introduce themselves, and what kinds of questions to be prepared for.

Dress to Impress: We have a teacher in the district who is going to share tips on what to wear and how to be well-groomed for an interview or on the job.

Ask a Pro: I plan to have a professional with a visual impairment join a zoom with some of my high school learners who will prepare questions to ask about being in the workforce and having a visual impairment.

Explore Career Connect Website: I plan to explore this website with a learner working on JAWS and with an older learner who is about to graduate.

Among Us, Round 2: My learners loved the Among Us game so much last month, that I think we will try a round 2. This time, I am going to put an older learner in charge. He will have to plan the zoom meeting, reach out via email to the other learners, and coordinate the game in real time. I think this will be a great experience! For those that missed it, I used this lesson plan I found on TPT.

Career Ed Wrap-Up

I will take photos all month long for families and share with details of how and why we are working on these skills. I like to send a quick group email at the end of the month reminding parents to look at the portfolios and some quick tips for continuing work in this E.C.C. area at home.

How will you work on Career Ed this month? Follow along with our E.C.C. of the Month January activities in real time on Social Media:

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Happy E.C.C.-ing!


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