May ECC Snapshot - Rec & Leisure

Updated: May 14, 2021

May is one of my favorite months! May brings lots of celebrations - Mother's Day, Cinco de Mayo, graduations, field days - and it's a fun time to reflect on all that has been achieved that school year.

We always focus on the ECC area of Rec and Leisure in May because it's FUN! It's the perfect time to explore activities and give our learners some inspiration for the summer.

What is Recreation & Leisure?

The Recreation and Leisure area of the ECC focuses on the knowledge and skills that allow individuals to participate in a healthy level of physical activity and enjoy fun and relaxing activities in their free time.



Physical Activity

Health, Fitness, and individual Sports

Team and Spectator Sports

Leisure Activities and Hobbies

Rec & Leisure Check In:

I use this google form based on a portion of the Revised (SSAT-VI:R) and ECC Minimum Standards-Fresno California School for the Blind)

Rec & Leisure Lessons and FUN:

In the past, I love getting groups together in May for sports and games. I have reached out to our Adapted PE teachers, local agencies. We have taken visits to the YMCA, parks, learned about Karate, swimming, and dance. This year, we are going to have a lesson at the park for adapted Cross Fit!

Games: This is a great time to pull out all of the fun accessible games - teach them, play them, let students borrow them for down time in class, etc. We love Bop It, Braille Uno, Scattered Crowns from APH, Adapted Chess, Connect 4, and Soduko from Maxi Aids.

Check out this Amazon List of my favorite games/game supplies:

Sports: We will explore accessible games and sports. We will practice goal ball drills and adapted Tennis from APH.

Leisure: I plan to host a zoom with learners teaching and sharing about a favorite leisure activity. Cooking, gardening, art, reading, etc.

We will have a fun craft for some of my learners who love to create!

Chalkboard Arrow Lesson Plan
Download PDF • 150KB

Summer Camps: I think this is a great time to share about options for camps in our area and virtually through APH to help learners have fun and engaging activities for the summer.

What other plans do you have for Rec & Leisure?

Happy ECC-ing,


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