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October Snapshot - Orientation & Mobility

E.C.C. of the Month: October 2020

A huge shout out to all of the amazing Orientation and Mobility Specialists! One of the biggest blessings of my job is getting to work along side my O&M. We have been working together for 7 years now, and we have loved exploring all of the ways we can support each other and our learner's success in all of the E.C.C. areas. My O&M helps support instruction in all 9 areas of the E.C.C. all year long.

We chose October as our Orientation & Mobility month because we can celebrate White Cane Day... and we like to celebrate big. We usually try to gather ALL of our cane users together in October and do something to celebrate...

In the past, we have had pizza parties, visited the Firehouse, passed White Cane Day bracelets to friends, joined in a White Cane Day march at City Hall, and visited our administration building. This year, Covid-19 restrictions have changed our tune a bit, but we will still do our best to explore O&M this month and celebrate the White Cane!

Of course, our learners work on O&M skills all year long, but the E.C.C. of the Month approach allows us to focus, celebrate, and collaborate with families specifically on this E.C.C. area this month.

{Image of red bracelets saying White Cane Day}

What are O&M Skills?

Orientation & Mobility (O&M) is the area of the ECC in which students learn the concepts and skills necessary to get from one place to another safely and efficiently.

Orientation: Knowing one’s position in relation to other objects, people, and places in one’s surroundings and keeping track of how these positions and relationships change as one moves through the environment.

Mobility: The physical act of moving from one place to another

{Image: Child drawing of girl with hat and cane. Writing says, "White Cane Day October 15}

O&M Check In

Our O&M uses this time to think about each learner and what strengths and needs they are demonstrating, how they are progressing on goals, what new challenges have presented themselves as the year has began. We use the E.C.C. Workbook pages to get some input from families about the home and community environments, and we include the learner in discussing their current skills. We also have used this Google Form:

Orientation & Mobility Fun & Lessons:

Our O&M usually takes the lead this month to plan. Along with our White Cane Day fun, she usually comes up with some great community lessons - crosswalks, intersections, trains, buses, etc.

This year, this is what we are thinking:

Individual Lessons at intersections or walks in the neighborhood: Our O&M loves to add videos to digital portfolios for parents to see and offer suggestions for how to practice at home. This is a great opportunity to highlight the skills that are worked on so families can practice when they are in the community.

Read "Rolling Into Place" by APH.: This is a great E.C.C. Book Club pick that focuses on positional and directional concepts for young learners.

{Image: girl using supplies to make a face in Rolling Into Place book.}

My Cane Videos: Learners will make a video to share with the school or home about their cane

School Announcements: Our learners who use a cane will share about White Cane Day on the school announcements.

O&M Trivia Game: We will try to do a O&M trivia game highlighting key concepts, vocabulary, and skills.

Explore Positioning for Sensorimotor Learners: We can explore different positions and accommodations to promote purposeful movement toward objects or places and share findings with families.

Create a Sensorimotor Movement Routine: Collaborate with the team for learners with visual and multiple impairments to create a routine involvement to promote O&M skills. Here's an example:

O&M Wrap Up

We will wrap up the month with a short group email to parents letting them know ways we worked on O&M Skills this month and a reminder to check their digital portfolio.

How will you work on Orientation & Mobility Skills this month? Follow along with our E.C.C. of the Month October activities in real time on Twitter: @stacey_tvi!

Happy E.C.C.-ing!


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