Self Determination QR Code Activity!

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

This lesson is a must share - it was engaging, fun, and worked on so many skills at one time! I loved this joint lesson with my O&M, and so did our learner! I knew I wanted to share the idea and resource with you!

Here's what we did...

My learner and our O&M reviewed a map, planned a route, and practiced travel skills to walk from school to a nearby park. At the park, I had placed QR Codes printed on colored paper

in various locations just beyond her line of vision. Our learner practiced using her telescope to scan for and locate each QR Code. Then, we practiced using her iPhone with Voice Over to Scan them. Each QR Code directed her to a pdf with a Self Determination question accessible with Voice Over. I loved the opportunity to practice telescope skills, Voice Over, and O&M while learning more about my learner's strengths and needs related to Self Determination.

We had a great time working on so many practical skills! This activity could easily be adapted for small groups of learners or inside a classroom. Enjoy this QR Code Freebie and enjoy!

Self Determination QR Codes
Download PDF • 426KB

I hope you find it helpful!

Happy ECC-ing,


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