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The ECC Portfolio

Pictures speak a thousand words! Over the years, I have found that taking photos and videos of my learners in action is an incredible tool for collaboration, role release, and celebration of progress.

Last year, my team began using a digital portfolio so that we could share photos and videos of strategies and fun as we work on ECC skills and goals. We love catching our learners in action using tools in the classroom and the community and sharing with parents how these can be used at home.

Screen shot of notebook that says, "My ECC Notebook 2021-22"

We used these portfolios during our annual IEP meetings and reflected on them at the end of the year with our learners.

This year, we plan to have learners be more hands on in their creation of the portfolios and hopefully do a presentation at the end of the year for parents or a group of learners.

Have you used a digital portfolio to share information about ECC skills learned? How have you used it successfully in the past?

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Happy ECC-ing,


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